What cloudflare page rules are recommended? 

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How has this still not been answered? 

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Paul Kellow

What cloudflare page rules are recommended? 


You can configure the following Page Rules

  • 301/302 Forwarding URL from non-www to www or vice versa

  • Always use HTTPS

  • Edge Cache TTL and Browser Cache TTL for all static files based on extensions, such as *.css, *.js, *.png, etc.


What Paul responded with is really good! Concise and simplified.
Cloudflare can do some really good stuff if you write proper page rules.
They have really good support and docs. I highly recommend you look at the docs.

Udemy actually has a really really good course on setting up Cloudflare and they do a deep dive into Page Rules, which is fantastic!

here's the udemy cloudflare course. it's 10 bucks USD.

Cloudflare's docs for understanding and configuring page rules:

They have just shy of a dozen pretty good articles that dive into page rules as well:

The basic idea here is to cache the stuff that EVERYONE uses, regardless of anything else.
CSS, images, javascript (content that really doesn't change from user to user) are what you want to cache. Please take care to put your astrisks (wildcards) in the proper place however. Tr*t can match a whole lot of things. Be Careful!

There are a whole bunch of videos on YouTube that cover Cloudflare Page Rules. You might find that easier than reading a bunch of documentation and support articles. I would recommend you start with Cloudflare's own content before you go watching some guy ...
Here's one from Cloudflare titled maximize bandwidth savings with page rules. it's slightly more than 2 minutes of your time: