I go for months without touching my site since it is so outdated and lame. 

BUT where are the ChangeLogs so I can see what new features you have added.

 I know we are 5 years behind other platforms but still, I would like to know the changes.

Last update on September 22, 2022 by CryoWebToken.
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Change logs for PhpFox's new version will be a link called "changelog" in the blog announcement on this site.


If you are looking for the changelog for an APP like GROUPS then you will go to the store where the APP is located and click on the changelog tab.


Then they give you a link to the changelog for that APP's current upgrade.


Here is a list off all the apps which lists all the features as well as the changelog near the bottom of the page called "Related Materials"


Hope this helps.

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my man always on top of the answers. they should pay you! lol