So I just want to be clear as I could have read it wrong so let's get that answer out in the open before anyone else purchases Annual Upgrade V4 Pro.

I asked where I get the download for V5 so I can start checking for bugs and I get this message indicating that a pre-order purchase so paying ahead of time is not worth it because I could have done this on Dec 22 and saved two months of upgrade time.  Not very nice since I was only getting it to help phpFox with bugs and the forum with questions.


Upon pre-order purchase, you can open a Support ticket in the Client Area for us to install your MetaFox site from Oct. 17th, 2022 (PDT)."
 => Please be advised that this statement is applied to the MetaFox pre-order purchase.

After the official release of MetaFox at the end of this year (Dec 2022), you can open a ticket to request us to convert your phpFox V4 license to the equivalent MetaFox license without an extra charged fee:
 - phpFox V4 Pro to MetaFox Pro
 - phpFox V4 Ultimate to MetaFox Ultimate

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I left the CSS to show that the double quotes icon doesn't even work correctly.

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After the original phpfox it's been one disappointment after another,

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Carol Le

Hello John,

Apologies for not giving you clear information. 

Regarding your question "Where do I download the beta version" - Unfortunately, you need to wait until Dec after the official release to download our Beta Version. At this time, if you want to test our V5 you need to purchase our pre-order and you can download the Alpha version.


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Hello Carol Le,

I have purchased the MetaFox pre-order however it still only allows me to download 4.8.10.
Do I have to use the installation service to get the Alpha version to play around with?


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Hi t3ln3t,

You can download the MetaFox Alpha package in Client Area and follow our Installation guide in the below article on this link:

If you need any more assistance please feel free to contact us via our ticket system



Last update on October 31, 2022 by Marrify Carino.

Thanks Marrify! I do see the MetaFox Alpha packages. This is so awesome!!!