Hi All !,, Is it possible that a member cannot enter the platform with the username/password  created when registering, after a long period of inactivity? (2 months for example)


phpfox version: 4.8.10

Last update on December 11, 2022 by julio.
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I would say no as I have over a dozen fake user names I use for testing, and some of them were not used for several months and they still work with no issue.

I too had many, many accounts on a development clone. Some of which never saw any use and where just there to give other test users things to do. There was a neato v3 plugin of awesome admin tools that had a bulk user creator thingie. 


While password expiration is certainly something that's possible I don't believe this functionality exists within phpfox natively.
Unless you've jumped through some hoops to make this happen, it's not happening. However, I will admit I don't know the v4 code at all. I never saw anything in v3 for password expiry. There was a pretty neato add-on that had a password strength meter thing, to help encourage people to pick strong passwords. Still it was not enforced if I recall correctly and there was no expiry or aging hooks either. There's no way that I saw to hook phpfox into say, the linux PAM framework for user accounts. PAM has native password aging and expiry however ... 


Thank you John and t3ln3t! for your feedback on this topic. A couple of members this year have written me about this situation, but I think they may have forgotten their passwords.

Last update on December 13, 2022 by julio.
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