Groups/Pages - Missing the ability to add pages and widgets/blocks.

Groups/Pages - unable to turn off specific menus on the group/page or change their order.

Groups/Pages - unable to invite with email. Looks like they added maybe an invite by link, but doesn't work if the person has no account...just a error -"Oops! Unauthenticated."

Groups/Pages - when a vanity URL is used the URL does not change (still says group 58 instead of AbcBookstore

Groups/Pages - Don't see where you can turn off email notifications or sms notifications.

Blogs (Groups, Pages, and Blogs) - Missing the ability to add images without a URL within the content.  Never seen a blog where all the images are listed at the bottom.  Pretty hard to follow that logic.


Last update on January 23, 2023 by JohnJr.
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