Hi Folks

  I wasn't going to say anything but I've decided I need to if only to satisfy my own concern...

I have been a user of PHPFox ever since it was a clone of MySpace way back when...

There has never been a version of PHPFox that was ever completed including the latest Version 4 and as a result I certainly won't consider paying for an upgrade to Version 5  which then also requires ongoing service payments as I understand it.

Just saying...

With a smile    :-)



Not sure if I will be doing it either. I am currently waiting for wowonder to finish their upgraded app. PHPFOX is happy with what they have. There has been no new themes, no real new features and after looking at Metafox I am just not impressed. It's the old thing with a new look... BUT It's THE OLD THING and that's the problem.

You cannot embed tiktok videos... 

I hate the side by side post (news article: Image to the left and Headline to the right)

No stories

No reels or shorts

No way to monetize outside of memberships 

The Ads system is a joke and they don't appear in the app at all

There should be a super chat / tip feature for the lives streams to help cover the cost of the live stream feature where the app owner(s) take a percentage of tips. That will probably never happen either.

I mean it's pretty basic stuff. Just a profile, groups, pages etc.

I know that writing code and creating a product isn't easy - I get that.

But man you guys charge a hefty amount to purchase a license. Then to add chat plus and live streaming... It's not cheap to buy all these plugins that seem cool then you realize that NONE of the Third Party Plugins work in the app... NONE!!!!

So ultimatly it's a waste of money. 

You could get a product wayyyyy cheaper than what these guys sell theirs for and it would have all these features and more.... 

I am not hating on you PHPFOX - I just wished that they wanted a better product... something that actually drives engagement... something that could keep users on the app.

Guess that's just too much to ask for and if you do ask for it they will tell you that they can do the work for a custom price 

I asked for stories once and was told it was 25,000.00 

Bro I can get a full blow tiktok style app (which has more engagement features and user can make money) for 3,000 

So, I don't think I will ever care anymore about the direction of PHPFOX. 

Just keep hustling those licenses I guess.

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They even messed up the videos in the app... it just to have an INFINITE Scroll... so if you clicked on a video you could just start scrolling through all the videos by swiping up or down. It no longer does that which really blows.

The messaging system doesn't even offer a way to delete a conversation.

I brought this up about Metafox's demo as well to be told it does... NO IT DOESN'T - Maybe for group chat but one on one IT DOES NOT... 

I even see that wowonder's update will have a reels / shorts tiktok style addition to it... They are actually trying to make a BETTER product and not just a FACE LIFT.


I could keep going but what's the point

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OH and Sharing... FOR FK SAKES 

Create a better SHARING system. It's garbage... and they say use addthis... lame...

If you try to share a photo out of phpfox into facebook there is no pic being shown... there is no info... it just says visit this site 

LAME - no one will click that ever. Again wowonder has a better sharing system and it's a fraction of the price. 

The thing with PHPFOX is that it has a lot of potential... THEY WILL NEVER OPTIMIZE and Capture it's potential though... NEVER.


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