Could anyone help me understand syntax of the code within the CDATA section? I think it's some db instruction code where s:18 means string of 18 character, etc but want to be sure since I know nothing about this... Would appreciate links to any references. Thx thumbs_up

<field group_name="user.custom_group_details" field_name="drinker" module_id="user" type_id="user_panel" phrase_var_name="user.custom_drinker" type_name="VARCHAR(150)" var_type="select" is_active="1" is_required="0" ordering="0">


FYI: I'm adding custom variables directly from installer's xml files to maintain custom variables via version control & to avoid having to set them up for every install I'll do for upcoming releases...
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you dont need to do this, develop your mod, add whatever language phrases or settings you need and when you export the install.xml file will be created for you as long as you register those settings to your module.
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That seems applicable to the "products" you create or add (eg. flowplayer) but if I introduce new custom variables to the user module which is tied to phpfox product, I don't see any option of exporting it...

I figured out how to manipulate install.xml file, so no biggie althought I'd prefer UI option as you suggested.
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