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It's fine. Just making sure you found the thread your post was moved to. We never delete threads. If a thread violates our forum rules, we move it to archives but we never delete.
If a thread is a duplicate, we merge them in order to reduce response times and reading times for everyone in the forum. It keeps it cleaner on a big forum. :)
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Alright so, thank you!
Have a nice day. :)
December 13, 2015 8:34 pm
Please see the other threads regarding bootstrap bugs that were already posted. Please note that bootstrap, as posted in another thread, is still in development so there will be more coming. Feel free to follow the bugs that were already posted that I'm trying to get an emergency fix for if possible.
Thanks for posting your thoughts. Please note that our Github is where our core developers are. should you find issues with it, other than things already posted, please do as our stickied thread says and please post the issues, one issue per report, at Github. We need them one issue per report so we can assign them out and put our revision numbers per bug. that makes fixing any other issues easier for us as we can refer back to the original one bug fixed and not have to sift through several bugs in one ticket.
Thanks again.
**edit - note that we are bringing back template overrides as we had in the past. it will be easier to edit each section soon.
November 28, 2015 12:28 pm