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Thanks for your report. This issue has been acknowledged as an issue on 4.6.1b2. If you are facing this issue, please submit ticket in Client Area for us to help you fix it in the meantime.

May 18, 2018 3:54 am
Thanks Data for referring to the tracker thread. That did fix my problem. Wink
Here is the corrected code incase someone missed the whole thread.
module/friend/include/service/friend.class line 240 as Purefan has stated.

if (!($aBirthdays = $this->cache()->get($sCacheId, Phpfox::getParam('friend.birthdays_cache_time_out') * 60*60))) // cache is in hours
$aBirthdays = $this->database()->select('u.user_name, u.full_name, u.user_name, uf.dob_setting, u.birthday, fb.birthday_user_receiver')
->from(Phpfox::getT('friend'), 'f')
->join(Phpfox::getT('user'),' u', 'u.user_id = f.friend_user_id')
->join(Phpfox::getT('user_field'), 'uf', 'uf.user_id = u.user_id')
->leftjoin(Phpfox::getT('friend_birthday'), 'fb', 'fb.birthday_user_receiver = u.user_id')
->where('f.user_id = ' . $iUser . ' AND (' . $sBirthdays . ') AND (uf.dob_setting != 2 AND uf.dob_setting != 3) AND fb.birthday_user_receiver IS NULL')
->order('uf.birthday_range ASC')
$this->cache()->save($sCacheId, $aBirthdays);
June 3, 2012 3:12 pm