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I agree with Hannah, the safe way would require them to change their password manually.  How I would do it is assuming you are using the same domain name but now a different website.  You could find the phrase for the text on the sign-in page (like the word sign in) and add text to that phrase so they understand the why and what they have to do :)

So, for the import you want to fill in the rest of the info for the table phpfox_user so first I would make a user and create a really long password...at least 16 characters with some caps and numbers and a special character.  Then I would go to the phpfox_user table and copy the password and password_salt field data for that user and use that for all the users until the set up one on their own.  You want a difficult initial password because if someone figures it out they will have all of them.  But because each user that request a new password does not get to see what the current password is...this may work.  Good luck.


February 15, 2020 2:27 pm