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  • URL Redirect After Login
  1. After a user has logged in and they have not requested a page to visit you can set a default redirection URL, which will send them to this specific page right after they log in. So you can send them to the main feed.
  • Redirect After SignUp
  1. Add the full path you want to send users right after they register. If you want to use our default routine just leave this blank.  So you can send them to profile/my.


Complete profile...these apps might help.



May 26, 2021 2:22 am

Hi CryoWebToken,

We would like to confirm that phpFox does not provide this feature, so please consider implementing custom work if needed.  You can contact experts on phpFox Store for customization help or please use phpFox customization service by opening a ticket for us.

- To contact Experts on phpFox store, go to: https://store.phpfox.com/experts

- To open a ticket for phpFox, please go to:  https://clients.phpfox.com/

Best regards,


May 24, 2021 10:48 am

Hi johndoight,

I uploaded it to the server on the same domain. I dont think I have ffmpeg so I disabled uploads.

We would like to note that this feature (upload video from the link on your server) is not available on phpFox.   However, we will add your suggestion to our list and it will be considered in our future upgrade.



January 20, 2021 3:51 am