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Originally posted by: Sith

Have you tried admincp/maintain/counter/ there are many choices there, I don't know it that will fix it but just thought I would suggest, it's in admin cp tools, it updates a lot of stuff maybe the cache won't

Thanks for the idea. I just wrote a query that will serve as a temporary fix until they add it to the control panel on the back end. I added it to my first post so people can find it later.
March 30, 2014 11:54 pm
I solved it, as a note for future searches:

The phpfox_user_field is queried for the admincp and the membership list. You must update this table, the values are generated on the fly, so there is no need to worry about just leaving those blank. The reason it wasn't working for me, is due to the auto increment reset I have in my query. I went back and removed that, since this table does not auto-increment, and did a transfer for Oxwall. All 4 tables can be treated in the same manner.

As an example.

INSERT INTO phpfox_user_field(phpfox_user_field.user_id)
SELECT ow_base_user.id
FROM ow_base_user
March 29, 2014 10:28 pm
-Yeah, the situation is as follows.
-We have Oxwall.
-We want to migrate to PHPFox.
-The passwords and encryption type is not compatible.
-So we are going to rely on the reset password feature.
-I used navicat to do an insert copying the password hashes to the PHPFox password field.
-I cheated the salts by copying the first three characters from the password hashes.

Note, for anyone interested. Make sure you do a:
delete from phpfox_user;
alter table phpfox_user auto_increment 0;

In the header of your SQL file.

Turns out when you use the password reset tool, it actually generates a new hash anyways.

As an extra, I set the last login IP to, so after 30 days, I can see which users have not logged in and perform a cleanup query to knock out the incompatible passwords and hashes.
March 29, 2014 8:34 pm
Originally posted by: data66

Can you provide a screen shot of what you want? If you did, I did not see it before posting.

Basically, there are cmsms tags for the title, name, link, but I want to print out other variables, like the description, post date, ect. Thanks for contacting them by the way.

Originally posted by: Phpfox.Pro

Hello every, we will release a new version of themesupporter to hide pending video on homepage on tomorrow
Thanks data66 for pointing me here


Hey, thanks. That is a very helpful fix.

Just as an edit, I fixed the problem, it can be achieved with a single 'if' using the variable 'view_id' under themesupporter/template/default/block/video.html.php.
January 15, 2014 9:28 pm