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Well, to add to this mystery, I considered that maybe I had saved some of the images in Photoshop at different resolutions. In other words, 72 dpi for some, and 300 dpi for others. I considered that maybe that was the source of the problem. However, I just opened the last good one that posted on my page, and the first bad one that posted on my page. As I mentioned earlier, they are basically clones of each other. In fact, all 81 graphics for that page are clones of each other. they have the same size in pixels, the same resolution, the same basic elements. There is nothing substantially different between any of them, other than the actual text content.

And here is the real kicker. I just went to my own profile page, and I posted ten of the very same images as a test. All 10 of the images posted without a single problem.

As I mentioned earlier, I even deleted that entire page and started from scratch; and yet the problem still occurs. I have also rebuilt the theme, cleared the cache, used a few of those other cleaning options in the AdminCP, cleared Firefox's history and cache, and even shut down my web server and rebooted the entire machine. Yet still, this weirdness persists, and phpFox insists on blowing up certain images so that they don't fit in the page frame, and look blurry.

I am totally lost regarding how to fix this issue.


November 14, 2020 4:23 am

  Well just an FYI. I just installed IM on my 4.8.2 and It worked without any issues. Actually it worked on the first try. Actually I havent really had any issues with this software. I installed IM using google firebase and algolia.

The 2 issues I had with this software were setting up my offsite storage aws s3. Which I found a resent post on here that stated the s3 app was no longer needed with 4.8.2. And I have yet to locate the file I need to install the captcha keys into. but I am still looking 

I believe my lack of issues are due to me using phpfox hosting service and they installed the software on their server for me. I was actually all ready to install it and the tech said the had done it. 

I am not using the facebook clone theme. but I dont think that would cause the chat issue. I tested my chat by using my cellphone and my computer. I just logged in with 2 different accounts and at first there was a slight lag but then it cleared up. But like I said, I really havent seen issues. Really like what I have seen from this software. 

Hello Karl, you may want to refer to my previous message to John. Being as you say that you have not experienced any issues with phpFox, I am going to assume that you are not running it on a Macintosh under macOS; because trust me my friend, if you were, it would be a whole different story, as I have found out over the past several weeks. There's been a lot of aggravation and frustration on my part.

As I told John, the private chat issues seems to be resolved, and I can chat with other users, as well as with my other account on my iPhone, even though I don't have phpFox apps yet. This software needs to prove itself to me first before I will even consider taking such an expensive leap of faith.

While, Hanh -- apparently the owner/developer of the Facebook Clone theme -- originally told me that his theme has zero problems with phpFox -- and wanted to charge me $160 to fix my issues, SMH -- from his latest messages to me, it seems that he is starting to be a bit more honest, and is admitting that his theme does in fact have some issues with 4.8.2 -- and maybe even with earlier versions, for all I know. -- on the macOS platform. I just hope that he can work out all of the bugs with his theme, because after several weeks, I am really tired of things not working properly. I simply want what I paid for: a polished app, and a polished theme, that work properly under macOS.

November 14, 2020 3:54 am

Hello John. That is exactly what I did. Hanh from YouNetCo emailed me and suggested I switch to the Material theme to see if the links on the Sign Up page work with that theme. Well, they DO work with the Material theme. I then switched back to the YouNetCo Facebook Clone theme, and the two links do NOT work. I emailed Hanh back, but he hasn't responded yet. He did set up an account on my server though. I have discovered a few other GUI bugs which I am going to let them know about. I suspect that they are related to their Facebook Clone theme as well.

November 12, 2020 6:48 pm