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You shoulda waited for version 5. This version is crippleware. The feed on web is "NOT TRUE INFINITE FEED" . Garbage.

I heard ver 5 is coming soon but man as always, why do I feel like it won't change anything? been here since v3 and never went live for AGES. I am 45 now damn when I was on I was a young man.

Goes to show how successful this crippleware is.

Yeah we are on our own. Expect nothing but forking out more and more $$$.

Shoulda saved that money for another platform. As me and the gang in here, we already wen beyond thousands. Too late to quit now.


True. I have invested so much money in this platform and also so many years. Now I realise that I couldl have easily developed my own site with a good framework like laravel. Its almost impossible to find a good phpfox developer , and when you find they will ask for a bomb to customise. YOUNET is the worse , they asked for $1700 when I asked them for an Indian payment gateway ... lolzzzzz...... feeling trapped.....

February 13, 2021 1:21 am