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Thank you so much for the valuable content and the tips and advice! I am very curious about part 2. I am also curious to find out which topics your portals are dedicated to, which target groups you can reach with it and how you can ultimately earn money with it (advertising, affiliate, memberships?). What is currently still difficult for me is to find arguments why my customers should have me create their own portal (with Phpfox) at all, when there are countless powerful tools on Facebook that are often free.

But I see Kajabi and Buddyboss as much more of a competition if I want to offer PHPfox as a solution for community portals. How do you see it?

I see the following ways for me to implement projects with PHPfox:
Either I create individual niche community portals, business portals (maybe phphfox can even be a solution for home offices?) On request and for rent and I offer administration and technical support, or I create my own topic portals (but which topics?) and build a community on these topic portals. Then work with affiliate programs and earn money with advertising. I think you will hardly be able to earn money with memberships, or have you had other experiences with it?

But so far I also have the feeling that phpfox is not performing optimally. Without even having members there are long loading times (even all requiremements and recommendations are fullfilled by the server), I think effective SEO is not really possible, the landing page cannot be designed ideally, the newsletter tool does not work well enough either (with only 4 test users it took forever to get the emails, besides the mails ALWAYS end up in spam, even if my address is in the address book of the recipient), Chat does not load messages quickly, I have not yet had any experience with Livestream and Chatplus. I have the feeling, even though I have the Ultimate Version, that the tool is "out of date" and cannot compete with the competition from Kajabi and Buddyboss. Maybe I am wrong?
And I'm still not sure which server solution really works.
Thank you for every hint and every idea that can help me here.

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Yesterday, 6:41 am