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lol, I have to concur with mostlymom.

Most software has bugs and its only with testing by people OTHER than those who wrote it, can bugs be found. The bigger the software, the more places there is for a bug to hide and not be found, and phpfox is BIG software.

I spent years writing software for various things including tollways, change machines, vending machines and with this one company the 3 'smart' software writers all turned to an unqualified dude who new nothing of software writing or anything too technical and got him to 'break' the code.

when we 'techies' test, we know how we want it to work, but this testing guy didn't so he went about using whatever it was we invented as he or any other layperson would and invariably he found the bugs...

that said, phpfox DID leave me scratching my head over those recent blurry avatar issues as they seemed so so obvious.. anyway, it was reported and they fixed it quicksmart. i'm so happy with them, i'm getting my second licence next week :)
January 8, 2014 5:25 am
Originally posted by: data66

They always fix bugs. Some take longer to fix as mentioned. If this bug report has more than one thing listed that will delay it also. It must contain only one item so they can put their revision number. Please check your bug report and ensure that only one thing is in it. If more than one thing, put the others in their own report.

Seriously !!

This is a bug that is there since a will and wy it was not fix properly when they fix SEO ?? maybe because they have no clue about what we are talking about??

This make no sense and it start to be oblivious that phpfox don't wont to work with use......

Or maybe phpfox programmers are a bunch of amateur hackers? programmer??
November 21, 2013 11:37 am
Oh no I don't want that either and I don't think our management would ever consider that. We have many clients with huge sites, some adult and very private. It would be extremely difficult to have outside contractors do tech work for our support IMO due to the nature of a lot of PHPFox sites.

Your site or sites are safe with our support.

As for creating the script, that is also only done by our in house team as it would be difficult for outside sources to know the script the way we know it for our core product.
October 4, 2013 10:03 pm