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I am sure, the problem is, that all custom fields for all user groups are probably in just one table.. so the code does understand that if one required custom field exists, this custom field would be required for all users in all user groups... it for sure would be neccessary to have for each user group a unique table for the custom fields, ....

And this for sure is a database issue... and I guess, my solution would be to create for each user group a unique table for the custom fields.... but actually that way it worked in former releases and you wanted to change that since version 3.0 didn´t you??
April 26, 2014 10:01 am
I think I have figured out a possible cause. I logged into my site with several different accounts that I had created over a period of months. Some see friend suggestions and some dont. So it seems that it has to do with the logic/criteria behind suggestion. If the basic criterion is "location" as it seems to be, then shouldnt every user who indicated a location get suggestions from the same location at least? Does the "Friends Suggestion Friends Check Count" (default set at 50) and/or "Refresh Friend Suggestions" (default set at 1440 minutes) affect who sees suggestions on their dashboard?
January 30, 2014 10:58 pm