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YW. Not to rain on your parade but I removed all of my status share after a few people that know code said it might be a security concern. I just have my members use the standard uploading things and since I put my uplinks on the dash page, it's easier for them to do it.
March 4, 2012 8:34 pm
So today it kicks me out again (it did this last time and i had them back up a couple of hours to fix it.).. the video on the front page says no video loaded...and this is the answer i get from the tech.


I've tried repeatedly to get a replication out of the site, and have yet to do so. I searched through the MySQL log in detail but did not see it replicated within the time frame so I am not sure what is causing this to happen. Each of the shared accounts are allotted around 10 simultaneous connections to MySQL. This is a good limit because connections should not last longer than a few seconds so up to more than 600 connections should be able to be served per minute.

I have let an admin know about the issues reported so we can keep an eye out for anything at the server level. Otherwise I must recommend that you utilize plugins and other optimization tools to reduce MySQL load and prevent connection timeouts.
Please let me know if I can assist you further. Have a wonderful day!
Thank you for contacting WestHost.

Best Regards,

Level 2 Technical Support Representative
February 23, 2012 9:13 pm
1. janrain module in your admin. temp solution.

2. usergroup manager in your admin. create as many user groups as you want, with as many different permissions as you want.

3. check the add-on section for a classified add-on. just read reviews and make sure the developer doesn't have a lot of complaints, as there's been some developers who aren't available anymore, so you don't want to buy from someone who can't support their item.

4. you already have an advertising page. go to modules, ad placements, and create your ad placements. ad placements should really be called "banner spaces" or "ad spaces" so people know. if you want a leaderboard ad space to be for sale, then you create the ad placement and tell it which block to use. there's a chart on the page telling you where each spot is located.

make sure usergroups are permitted to purchase ad space in the user group manager.

you should see an advertise link on the bottom of your site.

you can put that url anywhere you want.

now you can sell ads. just make sure your payment gateway is set up.

5 - you're the best person for this. once you know your way around the script, you'll be managing your site easily. just takes some time getting used to where things are.

Originally posted by: FPATH

Who is the best person to hire for some setup work? Someone I can contact and they can do it.

1. I need this Facebook thing fixed that's why I updated to V3

2. I also need a few custom (required) registration categories as groups.

Sound Engineer
Light Engineer

3. I need a mod for posting want ads similar to marketplace
4. I need a Advertising page where any user can subscribe and get access to post ads on the site.

Could someone tell me who is the most reliable person to get this done?

February 15, 2012 5:10 am