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Younet are an disgraceful company... they have $700 of my money.. I purchased their mobile apps full package only to discover that it didn't even support phpfox basic features.... this made it useless so I asked for a refund but of course they have a no refund policy.
So I k8nd of just wrote the money off... then decided to start the project up again and they were willing to build the apps, but when I asked them if their apps supported their social store 0lugin, I was told that it doesn't and that I would have to pay $6000+ (that is 8.5 times as much as the apps cost to buy so how can they charge that for something that should support their apps?) for me to have them make THIER app compatible with THEIR MOBILE apps? Like really?
So I decided that I would bite the bullet and learn to use Android Studio and build my own. So, I asked if they would be willing to exchange the $700 I paid them for so easy other products, to which their response was that, because I made the original purchase so long ago, that it wasn't possible!!! So now they have $700 of my money and for what?
I'll tell you what they want, they want to give me the apps so they can hold me to ransome to make it compatible with their other apps which should be compatible as standard and then pump me for more money.
To top it off, to I stall the apps, you have to let them do it... they want ftp access to your account, admin login to your site, and admin access to google play appstore accounts... like, I can't do that myself?
This company is absolutely disgusting and I am now down $700. And on top of that they are very sneaky... they delete support threads too... have a look around the net, you will find other people saying the same things, I have seen threads on oxwall where people have said they should be banned.
Bloody disgraceful... ovoid at all costs.
March 6, 2017 1:45 pm