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Hi Robert,
I tried several times by deleting PF.Base/files folder, and re-run the installation, and also deleting all files and re-upload and run still no luck. I guess it must be some requirement on server side to get it work.
Download and upload the file in the following document to check all phpFox requeriments.
May 23, 2017 10:23 pm
Please read their description very carefully. First unless there is a money transaction it will not register as a transaction, so free signup do not register. Second, the option currently available is percentage of money transaction. Third the point system currently is based of the money percentage transaction so no money no points. So you would say each $10 = 1 point. So if you sell a subscription or any of their other add-on (and they do list a lot which is great) like coupons, jobs etc for say a $100 and it was set as 10% then the money for the affiliate would be $10 or 1 point. I messed around with 2 copies until I found out it would not work for me but I hope the information is correct as I only messed around with it for a day. As you know none of the add-on developers give a detail info on how their add-ons works so again if the above is incorrect please correct me.
For what I need it would require custom work but what I hope for the next affiliate add-on by YouNet or some other developer would be the following.
1. When someone registers through an affiliate link you have the ability to assign either money or points or percentage of sales.
2. You should be able to assign different value (listed above) for either use with subscription or just registration groups.
May 21, 2017 9:47 pm
It would be great if users can create content eg blogs, photos etc, then if contents are good, many people view, the author can get bonus as activity points.
So, If would be good if any apps or built in can have page view module, and possible to converted to activity points.
Our Advanced Statistics app (https://store.phpfox.com/product/1635/advanced-statistics) has some tracking features similar to what you suggested. We will consider implementing this functionality in next versions of the app.
March 15, 2017 2:50 pm
Music, events, etc are modules and not apps. Those are easily toggled off in maintenance >> toggle modules.
The Apps you see from phpFox in your Apps section need to be deleted for now to remove them. They were added to the script recently and no uninstalls were on them as they were added as core. I had already mentioned this to the team before and it is on the list for improvements to be discussed for 4.4 release.
As for the editor, will let Jinkers respond regarding his app.
All third party apps have an uninstall if they were made as apps.
Thanks Donna for the correction in terminology. Whether talking about modules or apps though the premise is the same. Anything that is not core to being functional at the base level should have the ability to toggle on and off without the need to uninstall or jump hoops.
I am glad the improvement is being considered for 4.4 and hope it will be strongly considered throughout future builds.
April 27, 2016 1:39 pm
It is a bit difficult to create site page with pain text box.
It would be better if phpfox can be more CMS to add more site pages simply.
Blog also needs this. It should be simple to attach photo/youtube url to anywhere in the blog content.
April 25, 2016 1:08 pm