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Like I said, PHPFox (YouNetCo) is just about greed and milk out as much money as they can from what they have. There was/are other 3-4 softwares from that time, whith the same stupid "strategy" and guess what? One was abandoned (funny thing was, they've sold licesences until the last day) and the others, are in PHPFox situation, of dieing slow. Now with so many options/alternatives at a fraction of the price, well supported and more features, of course nobody buys PHPFox anymore and this leads to milk out as much money as is possible from existing customers until eventually they will "bail out" and this will be just another abandoned project. 

19 hours ago
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Hi Naresh,

The release of V5 is still under production and it will be ready to use for end-users by the end of this year. Please keep your eyes on our Blog to stay updated. We also very much thank you for being interested in MetaFox!

Have a great day!


May 31, 2022 11:55 am

Dear srny,

Please accept my apology if we have made you confused. 

We would like to confirm that the mobile app version 1.7.5 is having 2 intermittent issues with notifications. Our development team has been working on them in version 1.7.6. We cannot update the fix on your mobile apps for now as they have to be tested carefully first. You should wait for the official release of the mobile app version 1.7.6

And, as our explanation in your Support ticket, your Mobile Build Service was marked as Completed since you have approved the build and distributed them on Apple AppStore Connect and Google Play. In case your mobile apps have to be rebuilt for any further updates, you will need to proceed with a new Mobile Build Service. For more detailed guide about our Mobile Build Service, you can refer to this article: https://docs.phpfox.com/display/FOX4MAN/phpFox+Premium+Mobile+Build+Process

Best regards,


October 7, 2021 8:07 am